LO: Speaking on behalf of law enforcement, I know we are somewhat hesitant when a company hits the scene.  Tell us a little about yourself.


SAFEGUARD is a law enforcement recruiting agency and we are unique in that we are founded by law enforcement. When you say “Law enforcement recruiting agency,” it’s important to know that does not mean that we are a “digital agency” focused on Police Departments. There is a huge difference and from our conversations thus far with law enforcement agencies, that difference has not been made very clear.  We are a recruiting agency focused on getting more recruits for departments. 


LO: I want to get to that difference a little later but tell us how all of this started?


We first met when we started helping companies recruit in the nation’s most difficult market, the trucking industry. Our truck driver recruiting solutions have helped carriers hire the drivers they need from a workforce that is short over 80,000 drivers and our model has really helped that industry.


Our background in law enforcement combined with our experience in the trucking industry really helped us mold solutions that work in the law enforcement recruiting and while that may sound odd, the recruiting issues are very similar in both industries and we had the opportunity to really refine our strategies in that capacity.


LO: What in your background in law enforcement, helps you with SAFEGUARD Recruiting?


The biggest advantage is that we have a very clear understanding of the problem the profession faces and we speak the same language as our agency clients. We have also acquired some of the biggest experts in digital marketing to come alongside us and we believe that combination is a powerful force when tackling this problem. 


LO: I know we here at Law Officer have been very bold about what we think about SAFEGUARD Recruiting. We believe that SAFEGUARD Recruiting is the answer to recruiting issues and we believe that what you are doing has and will change law enforcement recruiting forever. We’ve spent quite a bit of time getting to know you and your company but what can you tell our audience about that?


A healthy law enforcement agency is necessary for a healthy community. Over the past couple of decades, we have seen departments across the nation become unable to hire the people they need. Being unable to hire is a threat to a department’s health. Any threat to that health is a threat to the community’s health. If communities everywhere are experiencing the same threat to their health, then the nation is threatened and that is why we are so committed to this. 


We believe that America’s safety will be in danger until law enforcement’s recruiting problems have been solved. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen anyone stepping up to truly solve the issue. So we decided to step up. 


LO: Speaking of that, you made it a point to to tell us that you are a “recruiting agency” and not a “digital agency.” There have certainly been other companies that have surfaced to help law enforcement. Is that why you stand out from the others?


You are correct. SAFEGUARD is a law enforcement recruiting agency. We are NOT a digital marketing agency focused on police departments. We have had to spend considerable time explaining this to agencies because many have tried to solve this issue without success and they are confused and frustrated because department’s are spending money on recruiting but they are sort of being sold a product that was never designed to solve this issue.


“Departments are being sold CTRs and CPCs, but they’re not hiring COPs.”

– Travis Yates, Author of The Courageous Police Leader


Basically, agencies have been paying for digital marketing and that is not recruiting. They may get more website hits, they may pay for a fancy website or recruiting videos but unless that brings actual recruits, it is not a recruiting campaign. 



So we are seeing agencies spending a lot of money and quite frankly, they are spending too much and they aren’t getting results. Maybe they get a new website, some quality ‘online’ content and an advertising campaign and that’s great. Marketing is important but if it’s not adding actual recruits, the focus is completely wrong.


Digital marketing agencies do nothing to help recruit. They are great at generating buzz around your department and curating a positive public image, however, at the end of the day you are left alone to recruit. 


LO: So when you say that you are a “law enforcement recruiting agency,” your main goal is placing new recruits at departments? 


SAFEGUARD Recruiting goes beyond generating interest in open positions. We work with departments to implement processes that make people want to work for the agency. Once the department has an offer that meets the needs of today’s candidates, our team will call the potential applicant. Our mission is to figuratively hold the applicant’s hand until they show up for the first day of work. After that day, we work with departments to ensure that officers are retained.


LO: I think that’s what we are excited about. You have the ability to recruit full time for an agency and you have a mentoring program where you can start that 2,3 and 5 years out.


Absolutely, it’s not for everyone but we have packages where we do all the recruiting for an agency and we have the ability to grab potential hires as they graduate high school, college or getting out of other professions and convince them to join your agency. That is what recruiting is and we believe that law enforcement must convert to these recruiting strategies if they are going to be successful. 


LO: What Do You Envision for the Future of Law Enforcement


Our vision is a future where officers focus on being officers and recruiters focus on recruiting. That is how it works in corporate America. Law firms don’t make their lawyers recruit future employees. Instead, they hire professional recruiters to take care of all their hiring. Our goal is to take over the entire hiring process for departments of all sizes across the country. We will be the professionals that handle recruiting so those heroes behind the badge can focus on protecting the people they are sworn to protect.

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