It Takes More Than Toys To Recruit

Travis Yates is the author of “The Courageous Police Leader” and former ILEETA Trainer of the Year. His training seminars in risk management, leadership and recruiting strategies have been taught across the world including 47 states. You can reach Travis and get additional resources at:

There Is Hope In The Police Shortage

The shortage of police officers has become a crisis across the United States and is having a significant impact on public safety, with many cities and towns struggling to provide adequate protection to their citizens. Baltimore is one city that has been struggling in recent years, with a federal judge recently calling the lack of […]

Police Recruiting Is Critical

As the need for effective law enforcement continues to grow, police recruiting has become a critical process in ensuring a safe and secure community. Police departments around the world are constantly seeking highly qualified applicants to join their ranks, and attracting the right candidates can be challenging. In this article, we will discuss police recruiting, […]

Changing Law Enforcement Recruiting

LO: Speaking on behalf of law enforcement, I know we are somewhat hesitant when a company hits the scene.  Tell us a little about yourself.   SAFEGUARD is a law enforcement recruiting agency and we are unique in that we are founded by law enforcement. When you say “Law enforcement recruiting agency,” it’s important to know that […]

Police Signing Bonuses Will Not Help

Law enforcement is facing a critical moment in history and if leaders don’t make the correct decisions now, the safety of communities and the ability of the profession to fulfill the mission of crime reduction will be lost for generations to come.   I have spoken in detail about law enforcement recruiting over the last […]

The Myths of Police Recruiting

There is nothing more alarming today than the potential for the continued staffing shortage in law enforcement agencies. I haven’t been in a room with law enforcement administrators in the last two years where I wasn’t asked what must be done to increase police recruiting. My answers are not always popular, but it is time that […]

A New Recruiting Strategy That Works

The problem with law enforcement recruiting has been well documented in recent years and it’s been easy to blame the rhetoric and the politics of “defund” the police. We first heard about a new way of recruiting after reading “The Courageous Police Leader” last year and after speaking to the author at length, we set […]

Why Your Recruiting Campaign Won’t Work

Most leaders, recruiters and anyone involved with police recruiting are extremely frustrated. Never in law enforcement history has so much effort and money been dedicated to recruiting but the results have been less than optimal.   The first hurdle that an agency has in their recruiting efforts is to actually evaluate if what they are […]

Police Recruiting Ideas From The Military

Author and Trainer Travis Yates wrote about the inherent problems with law enforcement recruiting in his best selling book, “The Courageous Police Leader.” He was recently quoted in an article we ran on a revolutionary methodology of recruiting from a law enforcement operated company, SAFEGUARD Recruiting and we asked him to expand on his thoughts on this important subject. This is the second article in a series of articles on Police Recruiting. This originally appeared at

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